Clay Bodies


Mantra's fired clay bodies are virtually non-porous, even when unglazed. This allows for the raw clay to be shown. You can choose to have the entire surface of the deco tiles glazed, or leave as much of the raw Moroccan clay tile exposed. The unglazed clay will add dimension and texture to any of the designs as well as an earthy and rustic appearance.

The two Moroccan Sand clays used are distinctive to the Mantra Tile line.


Sahara Sand Unglazed

Ancient Stone Unglazed


The "Sahara Sand" clay body has warm golden tones, reminiscent of the Saharan Desert. It's natural characteristics range from a deep Terra-Cotta to a warm gold.

Our "Ancient Stone" clay body is similar to natural stone. It is a mixture of a soft white sand with tiny black sand granules. It is a cool-toned body with an aged quality. It is shaded with a slight brownish cast which adds to this "aged" appearance.


Both clay bodies have a slight grainy texture from the sand content. Our process of clay mixing and forming all make for a consistent body, with strength as well as a heat and chemical resistance.

Because each tile is cut by hand, no two tiles will look alike. It is this handmade quality that gives Mantra tiles their authentic appeal. Likewise, because our glaze colors are a natural product, colors vary from one tile to the next and from one firing to another.


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